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Through Nature Kids Grow, we address all areas of your child’s development- physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Nature Kids deliver an innovative play-based curriculum that is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework which is inspired by internationally recognized best practices such as Montessori and Reggio Emilia Approach.

Nature Kids Grow Curriculum Principles include:

  • Language, literacy and communication
  • Physical development, health and wellbeing
  • Numeracy and problem solving
  • Creative arts
  • Science and technology
  • Social competency
  • Sustainability and caring for our planet


  • Adopting holistic approaches
  • Being responsive to children
  • Planning and implementing learning through play
  • Intentional teaching

  • Creating physical and social learning environments that have a positive impact on children's learning
  • Valuing the cultural and social contexts of children and their families
  • Enabling children to have successful transition

  • Assessing and monitoring children’s learning to inform provision and to support children in achieving learning outcomes.


The Centre is open from

8.30. a.m. to 6. p.m.